Price : $196.80

BOSTITCH MCN-150 StrapShot Metal Connector Nailer

Today’s homes are stronger than ever. More knowledgeable homeowners, natural disasters, and stricter building codes have led the industry to adopt better ways of building houses. One important result of this has been the massive rise in the use of metal connectors. These metal connectors, whether it is in the form of a hurricane tie, joist hanger, or stud plate tie are used to strengthen the weaker joint areas of a home. Their popularity has given rise to a new necessity on the jobsite, the nailer to attach all of these metal connectors.

The Bostitch STRAPSHOT Metal Connector Nailer (MCN-150) is the perfect tool for all types of metal connectors. Its exposed nail tip places the fastener point directly into connector holes for a faster, more precise application. It has a built in safety that prevents the tool from firing when not placed properly into the connector hole. The Bostitch STRAPSHOT Metal Connector Nailer (MCN-150) drives 1-1/2-inch, 35 degree Paper Tape Metal Connector Nails to secure any type of metal connector plate. These nails come specially hardened to ensure that if there is a misfire it can still drive through the metal connector plate safely.

One of the features that set the Bostitch STRAPSHOT Metal Connector Nailer (MCN-150) apart from similar nailers is its size. Its compact design fits easily into hard to reach spaces including 12 inches on center studs (MCN150 only 10-1/2 inches tall). The tool is up to 50% lighter than competitive models for reduced fatigue and added maneuverability. The in line magazine also helps maneuverability by fitting into corners easily. Its low nail lockout feature prevents jams by preventing cycling with less than 5 nails for added safety. The tool also comes with hardened steel wear guards to protect the tool and adjustable exhaust to conveniently direct air away from the user. Finally, Bostitch has included a carrying case and our exclusive 7-Year Limited Warranty.