80psi Table Top 5cfm Abrasive Sandblaster Blast Cabinet

This sandblaster cabinet is an all steel cabinet with plexi-glass viewing lid. This item also includes 4 assorted ceramic nozzles. rubber gloves, blasting gun with trigger, dust collector port, hopper … Continue reading

Eastwood Soda Blaster – Blast – Blasting Paint Removal

Removes paint without harming sheet metal Soda blast with as little as 10cfm at 90 psi 100 lb capacity hopper 8′ blast hose with deadman valve Converts between soda and … Continue reading

New 60 Gallon Sandblast Cabinet Sand Blaster Air Tool w/ 40lb bottom feed hopper

Want to clean rust, old paint, corrosion and grime off parts quickly and easily? Need to clean parts at home or a small shop? Includes: Measures 55″(H) x 35″(W) x … Continue reading

Raytech Dri Polisher Vibratory Equipment Usa

A polishing tumbler to finish parts to a high luster using dry media. Has a 10″ diameter bowl with cover and a capacity of .12 cubic feet. Typical cycle time … Continue reading

4MM Ceramic Nozzle, Fits 25, 60 and 90 Gallon Sandblast Cabinets, Quantity of 5

4 MM Ceramic Nozzle for 25, 60 and 90 gallon Sandblast Cabinets (90, 220 & 350 liters) Quantity of 5 Nozzles 1.41″ in height .635″ wide and .735″ wide lip

Abrasive Blasting Nozzle Ceramic Set 13/64 Inch

The 13/64″ Nozzle Set includes: 3 ceramic nozzles, an air jet, and a rubber washer. The ceramic nozzles last twice as long as the steel nozzles, but are more likely … Continue reading

Abrasive Blasting Cabinet Lens Cover Pack of 4

This pack of 4 lens covers fit all of our red or blue blast cabinets and the older style bench top cabinet with 12″ x 24″ glass.

Grizzly G0473 Benchtop Sandblast Cabinet

This Bench top Sandblaster safely cleans and restores parts and assemblies without taking up much shop space. Two doors measuring 16″ wide allow easy access and the large 19″ wide … Continue reading

ALEKO® 80lb Portable Soda Blaster Paint Remover on Wheels Blast – Blasting Paint Removal

This portable blaster uses safe, harmless dry baking soda media instead of sand. A low-impact, eco-friendly alternative to other blast mediums! 35-90 PSI operating pressure 8.5 CFM @ 90 PSI … Continue reading

Shop Fox M1055 Benchtop Sandblaster

Shop Fox M1055 Benchtop Sandblaster Shop Fox Benchtop SandblasterView larger Hopper and Screen AssemblyView larger Shop Fox M1055 Benchtop Sandblaster The Model M1055 Sandblaster is equipped with an industrial-duty blast … Continue reading