Brand : Eastwood

Eastwood Abrasive Blast and Soda Blasting Intro Kit

Try out Abrasive and Soda Blasting without a large initial investment with this kit. Just connect the gun to your 7 cfm at 80 psi compressor, put on appropriate protection and put the pickup tube in the included bottle of soda blast media. The suction head draws the soda into the air stream to minimize surging or skipping and accelerates the media at your part. Trigger action lets you blast when and where you want.

Kit Includes:

  • Siphon Feed Blast Gun with Pickup Tube and Hose and Spare Nozzles
  • 10 lbs. Maintenance M Soda Media
  • 10 lbs. 40/70 Ground Glass Media
  • Instructions

The Maintenance M Soda Media is great for removing paint, carbon, and other coatings.

The 40/70 Ground Glass works great at removing rust, carbon, and paint.

Use a properly fitted dust mask or respirator, safety glasses or safety shield, plus heavy gloves, long pants and a long-sleeve shirt to protect exposed skin.