Brand : Eastwood

Eastwood Abrasive Blasting After Blast Bare Metal Prep – Clean Protect Etch

Use on cast iron steel and aluminum to clean and properly etch the metal for coatings. The phosphoric acid will etch the metal and provide an excellent surface etch for paint adhesion. Use on frames, sheet metal, engine blocks and suspension components after blasting.

  • Cleans freshly blasted metal surfaces
  • Preserves with a zinc phosphate coating
  • Promotes paint and powder adhesion

After Blast is designed to clean, degrease and etch freshly blasted or sanded metal prior to painting or powder coating. Use with a plastic spray bottle to liberally apply to the part, wipe and reapply until all contaminants are removed. The blend of aqueous cleaners and phosphoric acid properly cleans, etches the metal and leaves a zinc phosphate coating that is excellent for paint, primer or powder adhesion. Also protects the metal from flash corrosion for extended periods. Use on all your fresh cast iron, steel or aluminum components. Do not apply to painted surfaces, chrome, plastic or glass. Spray bottle is not included.