Price : $13.99
Brand : Generic

Generic PCB Print Circuit Board Drill Bits Engraving Drill Bit 1.6mm Silver

Product Name:10pcs New 1.6mm PCB Print Circuit Board Drill Bits
Products of raw materials adopt international famous brand hard alloy bars and steel bar, with high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength, resistance to bending, bending loss, long life of cutter. (” ROHS” in line with EU environmental directives )
Drill bit size:1.6mm
Shank diameter:3.175 mm
For Drill bit part:Tungsten Carbide
For shank part:HIGH SPEED STEEL
Processing range: PCB, FPC, SMT, CNC, die, metal precision parts processing.
Product features:
The bit chip space: chip resistance of small, smooth chip removal, drilling small calorific capacity, reduce the drilling sewage; The extraordinary cutting edge sharpness: due to the use of nanotechnology and advanced grinding technology, bit more sharp cutting edge, can reduce the cutting force, reduce the broken drill rate, improve the hole wall quality; The application of tool design based on customer: bit rich varieties, to meet different application requirements. Bit all parameters such as thickness, core drilling, core drilling taper, are carefully designed, apparent actual effect;
The cutting edge: strict symmetry facilitates efficient cutting, avoid offset drilling.