Brand : Shop Fox

Shop Fox M1055 Benchtop Sandblaster

Shop Fox M1055 Benchtop Sandblaster

Shop Fox Benchtop Sandblaster
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Hopper and Screen Assembly
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Shop Fox M1055 Benchtop Sandblaster

The Model M1055 Sandblaster is equipped with an industrial-duty blast gun with ceramic tip, siphon hose, built-in light, large viewing window, and sealed rubber gloves. Safely blast away paint and rust without making a mess around your shop. Compact design is perfect for those in search of space saving options.

Side Access

This sandblaster is equipped with two 16-inch side access doors for easy entry and exit of your workpiece or cabinet cleaning. The two sealed glove ports allow access inside the enclosed cabinet for operating the blast gun and moving the parts being worked upon.

Recycle and Store Sandblasting Media

The hopper recycles and stores the sandblasting media for reuse or easy removal through the 16-inch side access doors. The Shop Fox sandblaster is ideal for safely cleaning and restoring parts and assemblies and accepts a variety of blasting media.

Built to Last

The Shop Fox M1055 Benchtop Sandblaster has been specially designed to provide years of trouble-free service. Close attention to detail, ruggedly built parts and a rigid quality control program assure safe and reliable operation.

Sealed Glove Ports
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Specifications and Features
  • Access doors: Two at 16-inches wide
  • Window: 9-by-10-3/4-inches
  • Abrasive capacity: 10 pounds
  • Air pressure requirement: 60-100 PSI
  • Overall size: 24-1/2 x 21-1/8 x 19-1/2-inches
  • Recommended Air Supply: 5-14 CFM
  • Abrasive Type: Dry Only
  • Lighting Type: 15 Watt Fluorescent
  • Load & Unload Access: Sides
  • Power Supply: 110 VAC w/12 VDC Transformer
  • Approximate Machine Weight: 50 pounds