Price : $41.98
Brand : Tight Fit Tools

Tight Fit Hex Bit Drill & Screwdriver 90 Degree Right Angle Attachment Kit

The U.S. made, long-handle, “aircraft style” 90-degree drill adapter allows holes to be drilled or screws to be driven in “near impossible” locations on cars, boats, RV’s, etc., or for home or work “tight fit” repairs, installations or renovations. The Tight Fit kit was ranked among the 100 Best New Products by QVC based upon practicality, functionality, and quality and it was noted for saving time, money, frustration and knuckles. It works with portable or corded power drills or with power or manual hex-bit screwdrivers. It works in places only one-inch wide, or parallel to adjacent surfaces within ½ inch, or with the included short-length drills and screwdriver bits in only 2 ½ inches of space at a right-angle. The tool accepts standard ¼ inch hex tools and works forward or reverse over, under, or around obstructions or through openings with a full 360 degrees of rotation. Time and frustration is saved not having to disassemble parts reaching a problem and saved again not having to re-assemble everything after making the repair. The design allows high work without need of a step-stool or low work with having to get on one’s knees. The two-hand grip distributes weight and reduces strain on back and arms, lessens chance of contortion injury, improves control for truer holes and straighter alignment, and extends tool life. Plus, although compact, the attachment is powerful and transfers up to 75 in/lbs of torque from the drive tool through machined tool steel gears. The non-conductive nylon housing provides insulation and dampens vibration. The included short length drills comply with National Aerospace Standard 965. The attachment is made by a U.S. company that has manufactured industrial tools for hard to reach places since the 1970’s. All purchases are made on a “risk free” trial basis.